Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another tiny dragon ........

This darling little dragon was made using LDHenson's Plush Posable Dragon pattern. You can find her Etsy store here:

This is the 3rd in my series of dragons from this pattern .... there will be many more to come, as I currently have both felt (which the pattern calls for) and some fleece (to experiment with) in nearly every color of the rainbow ... and a few combinations the rainbow never thought of!

The pictures don't show it very well, but for the upper body & wings I used a felt with an embossed pattern on it, then used water-thinned glue to add glitter to these pieces. I also added extra glitter to the face & upper head area as well as the ridges on the wings.

I do make a few alterations to the basic pattern. For one thing, I wire the entire leading edge of the wing, not just the inner half. This gives me the ability to pose the entire wing. I use the heavier craft wire that comes on a spool - I usually get it at WalMart, but I've seen it at Michael's Craft Stores and I'm sure other craft stores carry it as well. It's easy to bend & form.

I also added wire to the legs to give them more stability & so I could use the wire to help attach her to the branch. On this one, I allowed the wire to extend beyond the toes as I knew I'd be putting her on the branch & I wanted to be able to use the wire to help stabilize her. I use a doubled pieced piece of wire, tucking the curved end up as high as I can into the leg, then spreading the ends apart to hide in the toes. I don't stiffen the legs as the pattern calls for, nor do I use a turned seam - I use a blanket stitch like I do for the rest of the dragon.

I added a bit of commercially packaged sphagnum moss to the branch as well.

The pattern requires some of the parts to be stiffened. If you use glue, use the clear glue - Aleene's has one in their line which I use & it works perfectly, without changing the color of the felt/fleece. Don't water it down too much, tho - if you do, it won't stiffen the felt/fleece enough to hold the shape needed, especially the head/horn pieces.

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