Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One sock down!

I put off posting a couple days this week so I could finish the first swap sock. Finished it late last night - One down, one to go! :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby Blanket is done!

Well, I *finally* finished the circular baby blanket I've been working on for my newest grandson, due in late October or early November. It's worth all the time put into it - very pretty swirly pattern and the unusual shape makes it a stand out. But I'm SO GLAD it is done! I was so bored with it and so tired of it! Finally bound off at 600 stitches around, then did 1 1/2" of crocheted border to help it stay flat.

Now I can get back to my Hogwart's Sock Swap socks and get them finished.

And the socks I've got on the needles for my son, who called me up the other day to inquire as to *why* he didn't have them yet ....... seems he has worn out the first pair he got already ......

And then there's the socks I want to make for myself - cold weather is rapidly approaching and I've only got 2 pairs of wool socks left in my drawer - 2 pairs felted and 1 pair wore out ....... I need more socks!!

And then my daughter seems to think *she* should get a pair or three ......

Ya know, I think I'm gonna be making socks for awhile here, not to mention the charity knitting for Newborns in Need .....

Monday, September 1, 2008


Nearly forgot to post this week! Have been working on a baby blanket for a new grandson that needs to go out very soon, so not much progress on my socks for this swap this week.

Have sent away for a couple of items for the swap, tho. :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another week has gone by

Well, another week has gone by. Not that much happened besides a pair of my socks wearing out in the heel :( Really bummed me out. I'm going to find some of the loopy nylon I've been told about and try using it to reinforce heels and possibly toes.

Lady Felula

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I've made some more goodies for my pal. We don't have a lot of extra money to spend on ordering things (those darn stores keep expecting me to *pay* for stuff!) so I've had to get creative .... and I've had so much fun finding things I can make!

Hope my partner likes what she gets.


Saturday, August 9, 2008


It's soft. It's green. It's intended for my Slytherin partner.

Sorry, folks, the rest of you will have to wait to see it.

::big grin::

Lady Felula

Monday, August 4, 2008

The HSS4 blog is active! :)

Now to remember that I gots to post both here *&* there every week .....

Hope I am forgiven if I don't always make it on time ... there is a reason the Whomping Willow added 'the Forgetful' to my name!

I've got something green & furry ..... wonder what it could be? ::evil grin::

Nobody gets to know until my partner opens her package! My only promise is that she won't have to feed it!

Lady Felula

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hogwarts Sock Swap!

Yes!! ::dances around:: ::slips and falls:: ::drags herself up to a chair seat & sits down, like she should have to start with::

Anyhow! ::brightens up:: I've got my partner, my yarn, my pattern ... also have a few goodies already, like a row counter & stitch markers .... so I'm off! Well, I'm sort of off ... I gotta finish up the pair currently on the needles I need so I can start this pair!

Ain't it awful when you just *gotta* knit?! ROFL

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hogwarts sock swap #4!

Sign ups have opened for those returning students who are again going under the whip, er, wire to knit socks for students they've never met. What a wonderful way to make new friends. :)

I had so much fun in the last swap - I love the socks I got and hopefully my swappee liked the socks she got as much as she said she did. Seems she is wearing them for bed, to keep her toesies warm when the sun goes down. Hey, I do the same thing, only I wear mine day and night.

And yes, I do change them, and even wash them.

Posting here is going to be the hardest part of the swap - I keep forgetting. ( Yes, the Willow was right when it gave me my name.)

Well, we are packing to move ... tomorrow! .... so I need to get off the computer so it can be torn down & help finish the packing.

I'll post again when the computers are back online .... sometime next week.

Lady Felula

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I guess the Whomping Willow knew what it was doing when it tagged me 'forgetful'. I keep forgetting I'm supposed to come post here.........

::brightens:: The new HP sock swap will start signups on the 16th of July. YAH!!! I've already got things for my swap .... a cool box covered with copies of a map of England (where else???), needles on order, and a few goodies.

AND ..... Cassandra is staying with us! YES!!! We nearly lost her because of the actions of others, but I guess enough of us asked her to stay that she reconsidered her decision. Can you tell I'm glad?

I've finished several pairs of socks .... oh, my, gecko eyes, Firestarter (from Yarnissima's site), a pretty plain ribbed pair for my youngest son, a couple of fairly plain pairs for myself (I'm moving on to more complicated patterns ). Working on Dragon's Breath for my son and Bayerische for myself (find both patterns on Ravelry.com). Well, at least I've started hunting for the yarn for the Bayerische pattern. It's nearly a hundred stitches cast on (VERY textured cable & twisted stitches .... should keep my mind occupied!) and needs a thinner than usual sock yarn. I've actually got some in the right weight .... but this pattern really needs a solid yarn to show off that wonderful textural pattern and all I've got right now in that weight is a beautiful variegated. Unfortunately, the two will just clash and that won't do at all. Simply forces me to go shopping .... terrible, ya know? ::snickers::

Also have another grandchild on the way, so bootees and blankets are being created. If only I could manage to get that spell for automatic hand knitting down right!

Well, need to go work on either one of the knitting projects or that huge pile of sewing projects .... just as soon as I manage another cup of tea. :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sites of Interest

Oh, my, how time does get away from one! Especially when you are so busy!

While classes themselves are very interesting (although the homework doesn't leave one a great deal of time!), the knitting club I joined is also interesting and taking up a great deal of what little free time I have. We are creating socks. I never realized there were so many different patterns to use!!

Some of the other students have shared places for some of their favorite pastimes as well. I am finding myself wishing for at least 30 hours in a day! Or one of those time charms Hermione used to attend double classes. Anyhow, here are three of my favorite new sites:

DadCanDo.com - you'll find help with making your own 'dragon eggs', with display stands and transport boxes, plus other fun projects. While we can't have real dragon eggs, we can have some very realistic ones.

- make your own miniature books, and paper, and study your notes anywhere without having to explain why your school books look so different from theirs!

www.wyrm.org.uk/ - create your own dragon! as well as an adorable bat.
Most of us have owls, but, well, bats can be really cute!
Well, I really must get back to those socks ... the next meeting is tomorrow night and I've barely had time to start the cuffs!

Lady Felula

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jan 23, 2008

Well, things are very chaotic around here. Just arrived at Hogwart's as a first year student. What excitement at home when notification arrived! I do hope I remembered to bring everything I wanted from home. I know I can get some of it sent on if I've forgotten anything important but I tried really, really hard not to forget anything this time.

I need to unpack and get settled in, but I just had to start this journal of my Hogwart's adventure! I've already joined or asked about several clubs and societies - I've joined the knitting club for sure. I understand they have some really awesome projects over the year. I'm looking forward to my first one!