Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HLBOE Divination, 3rd term

Our assignment in Divination this term was to a/ talk about our favorite method of Divination and b/ create something to go with that method.

Pictured is one card from our Dragon Tarot deck and the black bag I made to protect the cards from negativity.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My new book thong

This was crafted yesterday, after I found this book thong pattern in Rav's library:

The beads are both dichroic glass and I've had them both for years, not quite sure what I wanted to do with them as I only had one of each. But they compliment each other beautifully in this pattern. The book thong isn't too thick between the pages, as so many hand-crafted book marks tend to do, beautiful tho they may be. And the weight and size of the beads on each end means that the thong tends to stay in place, not slipping down (and sometimes out!) of the book, either.

I'm quite happy with my new thong. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010


I've completed my first pair of socks for the SockKnittersAnonymous group on Ravelry. The pattern is 'brainless', the designer is Yarnissima. The yarn is Strideaway Shetland 100% Merino, in colorway Arizona.

I really like the way the colors pooled and spiraled. The stitch increases for the gussets (this is a toe-up pattern) interrupted that process, but it started again as soon as the gusset & heel were completed & the leg started.

As it is still quite cold here in Missouri, the picture was taken indoors & does not show the true colors of the yarn. It really does remind me of the colors in an Arizona sunset.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mama Dragon

This is the first of my tiny dragons. As you can see, I went (just slightly) nutz, as I so often do, and decided it would be 'fun' to bead the plaid fabric I made her from. I mean, it isn't often you see a plaid dragon, yes? And a beaded plaid dragon? ..... well, I still make these little dragons, but she is unique. There won't be any more beaded like she is! They now have 'topknots' and 'tail feathers' of beads only.

Monday, February 15, 2010

HLBOE Flying, Term 3

Our assignment this term in the Flying class for HLBOE 3 was to decorate our broom.

First off, my broom was crafted from a cinnamon brush, so it has a permanent nice smell. Older bones find it useful to have some padding on long trips, so a custom-crafted dragon shaped saddle as well as a padded cover help to give my old bones that needed comfort. A GPS, cleverly disguised as an owl, is attached to the back of the dragon, within easy eye level. A pair of saddle bags, also cleverly disguised, this time as socks, are attached in easy reaching distance on the back of the broom. Draped on the back of the broom is my Molly sweater, in case I get cool during one of those night trips witches must often take .........

Friday, February 12, 2010

Crazyfoot yarn is here!

ohmigods this is BEAUTIFUL!! My Crazyfoot yarn, from, came today! The colorway is called Indian Corn ..... and it does look like the old-fashioned dark colors of Indian Corn like what we used to get at Thanksgiving when I was a kid. I know there are newer color combinations in Indian Corn these days - right up to pastels that would work for Easter, for pity sake! But these colors take me back to my childhood!

I'm going to have to find just the right pattern for this, to show it off!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Herbology, HLBOE, Term 3

Our 3rd term Herbology assignment was to photograph a green plant ... in February. ::sigh:: So here's my plant... my chives. Recently had a hair cut so I could use it. Chives are used in cooking. In my kitchen, they're used a *lot*. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Free Yarn!!

I'm really excited! I found, and joined, a new group on Ravelry called Sock Knitters Anonymous. While browsing around on the threads on that group, I noticed one about a new yarn called CrazyFoot. The folks at will be dying up a whole bunch of the new yarn as soon as they get their shipment of supplies in ... I can't wait!

The only thing they asked those who won the yarn to do was to blog about their experience in using this new yarn.

That's going to be easy enough to do, for sure! They have so many beautiful colorways there! I've looked over their color charts ...... and there isn't one there I wouldn't love to have!

I can't wait for this beautiful yarn to arrive & discover which of their colorways I've been blessed with.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mardi Gras!

Altho it isn't a very good picture, this was the inspiration for my Mardi Gras Wee Tiny Sock swap. :)