Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mini socks, again ......

Okay ... .so I'm addicted to mini socks ..... you can blame it all on Meggles! ::grin:: See ... I test knit for her (one of the best things to happen to me this year .... ) ...... so I get lots of kewl things to try out & patterns to see before everyone else does .......

Anyhow, it sort of bit me in the ..... well, you know where .... and I find myself picking up my size 0 or 00 needles & a bit of yarn to knit a mini sock when I need to chill out ..... so here are the two I did the past couple of nights ....

The one with the soft, muted tones is knit from a Red Heart worsted weight yarn that I split. The yarn is 4ply & I split it into 2 2-ply strands ... gave me just enough to make my mini sock. I really love the colors & I had so little of it left over that I barely managed my little sock.

The other sock .... well, it's a personal pattern right now. See, I have a mini skein of this really kewl yarn in shades of green & teal with some yellow in it. The color stripes aren't really very long and when I began a normal mini sock with it, the colors didn't have time to make any sort of pattern so they ended up looking all muddled. Which I didn't like. And I wondered, you know, if maybe the yarn might look better if the rows were longer. So I wondered if I might be able to figure out how to knit a sock sideways. Yep, sideways. This is the result of the first attempt. Hopefully, with some help, this can become a 'real' pattern that can eventually be shared ........

Monday, November 16, 2009

My birthday gift :)

Mr Wiggles is my birthday gift this year. He's the sweetest, most loving little dog. I used to hate chihuahuas because my first stepmother had one that bit & was a mean, nasty little dog. He's the only one I'd ever had much contact with so I thought that all chihuahuas were like that. They aren't! Mr Wiggles sleeps curled up tight against me, and hates to have me out of his sight.

When we have to leave him locked in the car (like if we stop at the store on the way home from somewhere) he whines & cries & I can just hear him saying 'MOMMY!! YOU FORGOT ME!!!!!!!.' And when we get back to the car, he jumps in my lap & licks my face, like he's saying he forgives me for 'forgetting' him.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Color Me Happy

A mini-skein of yarn I received in a swap ....... which I'm trying to duplicate. Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another mini sock .....

I actually have a pair of socks from this yarn ...... but for the mini sock, I had to shorten each color repeat, so I'd have more than just 2 or 3 color bands on the sock.

Dragon puppets

Three tiny dragons, come out to play. :)

Ornaments 2

These are the last 2 pieces in my ornament swap ... altho one isn't, technically, an ornament.... still, it will adorn any book it is used in. :)

Then there's the little owl bookmark ... again, this is supposed to be a scroll saw pattern done in veneer (1/32" thick wood), like the ornaments ...... and nearly all curves. I added the yellow stock behind the gray so the eyes & beak would stand out.

And the last one ..... a tiny dried gourd (I purchased seeds from the Baker Creek Heritage Seed Co, which is near us here in Missouri, over in Mansfield, so I can grow some of these myself next year.) The gourd is painted in ultramarine blue acrylic, then over-painted with a glitter glue. Then the snowflake was glued on (monkey glue, again!) - the snowflake is a 3D scrapbook accessory.


These were created for an ornament swap .... the patterns were intended for scroll sawing but I chose to try doing them in card stock with glitter. Some of the card stock is foil covered.

It's much harder to use these patterns for paper crafting than it would be for scrolling, believe it or not. What would be easy on my saw .... drill a hole, put my blade in, quick cut, I'm done! .... is not nearly so easy when using an Xacto blade and paper stock. The blade, no matter how sharp, doesn't cut as easily as my saw blade does ... the paper seems to resist cutting in the direction I want to cut (especially around curves .... and these ornaments are *all* curves!!!) ...... but should the blade slip and cut a straight line where I don't *want* a straight line ..... and it cuts just fine ::sigh::

I did the 12 days of Christmas first, then found the lovely foil card stock when we had a chance to go to the 'big city' (Springfield MO), so just had to add some extra ornaments to the collection so I could use some of it!

And then I discovered that the foil card stock, lovely as it is .... doesn't take well to having things glued to it. The back is plain paper, so it glues *to* something else quite nicely. But for a couple of the ornaments I wanted the foil as the background .... I finally found that 'monkey glue' (clear Gorilla super glue) will do the job. I've never needed Super Glue on paper before!

I had fun creating these .... I hope the (unnamed) recipient will enjoy using them for years to come.

Nov Wee Tiny Sock Swap

My goodies from the November Wee Tiny Sock Swap ....... thank you, Mary!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My new baby :)

Mr. Wiggles is my newest baby. He was my birthday present this year. :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

HSS 6, game time! Nov 1, 2009

First up: XOXO baby socks from the Better-than-baby-bootees collection ........ (X marks the spot)
Next up: Time for a snack - pretzels! (Pretzels are best served warm) .... don't think I'll warm up this set, tho!
Next: a sweater with cables intertwined all the down the front of it ... and a big smile! (Intertwining with a smile)
Next: Stitch markers (hold my place in line, please) pumpkins to hold my place in line for pie!!
And last (but not least!) ...Hopscotch Socks! (I love hopscotch)