Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wee tiny sock swap, Jan 2010

Got my swap box from the January 2010 Wee Tiny Sock swap. ::squeees::

My Hedwig is just too cute for words! And the tiny Slytherin sock? It's one of the tiniest socks I've seen yet! And my very first Slytherin sock, too! Plenty of other goodies, too .... some hand spun yarn that she spun *just* for me!! (she called it Starrkatt's Dragon's Blood yarn & is it ever pretty & sparkly!), a Harry Potter wizard's wand (it's in the pic, but since it's behind Hedwig, it's hard to see), a 'Twilight Scentsy', a knitted sock bookmark (with tiny beads added all over so it sparkles!), 3 mini balls of yarn so I can make more mini socks (like I need to be enabled there! LOL), a really cool little sachet of lavender buds wrapped up in some striped material with Gryffindor colors showing (go Gryffindor!), a little plastic pill bottle that looks like one of those shaker containers that you mix flour & water in, 3 really pretty 'Hand Knit' tags that I can use on my own projects (gonna have to figure out how to make some myself, now!), a string of beads in a beautiful orange-red and another another set in a sparkly matrix set in a clear flattened sphere shape, some lizard toes in a teeny tiny bottle (with the warning that they aren't edible .... darn, and here I was gonna sprinkle 'em on my morning cereal, too ::snickers::) and a pretty set of stitch markers ::giggles:: that I made! That was so funny .... she thought they were 'wizardy' so she sent 'em forgetting that I'd made them for the December Wee Tiny Sock Club (we both belong to it) ....... and to top it all off, an ENTIRE BAG of Hershey's Kisses, a big Marshmallow 'lollipop' and a pretty note card ... all packed in the prettiest little silver metallic basket!

And if she did all this for the $10 we agreed on (PLUS postage!) ......... well, she's the canniest shopper ever & must have gotten some killer deals, is all i can say!

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