Monday, February 15, 2010

HLBOE Flying, Term 3

Our assignment this term in the Flying class for HLBOE 3 was to decorate our broom.

First off, my broom was crafted from a cinnamon brush, so it has a permanent nice smell. Older bones find it useful to have some padding on long trips, so a custom-crafted dragon shaped saddle as well as a padded cover help to give my old bones that needed comfort. A GPS, cleverly disguised as an owl, is attached to the back of the dragon, within easy eye level. A pair of saddle bags, also cleverly disguised, this time as socks, are attached in easy reaching distance on the back of the broom. Draped on the back of the broom is my Molly sweater, in case I get cool during one of those night trips witches must often take .........

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