Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wedding socks

The Wedding Kilt and Here Comes the Bride, both patterns by Meagheen Ryan. Check on Ravelry or Meagheen's Etsy store.

I used pearl beads with holes too small to fit the yarn thru, so I sewed my beads on. They are backed with iridescent sequins and held in place with tiny iris-finish clear delica beads. Altho the pattern doesn't call for it, I also added the tiny beads to each of the pearl stitches that form the holder for the bouquet.

I will probably go back & embroider over the belt for the sporran on the heel of the Wedding Kilt, to define it better. If I do, I'll use silver embroidery floss.

For those who don't know, a sporran is like a purse but for a guy. It is worn over the kilt, which has no pockets, to give the man a place for wallet, keys, etc. It's original use was for food, money, and other small essentials a man might need during battle or a long day at the Games.

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