Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yarn dye experiment #2

Decided to play with my new Wilton paste food colors today, so I skeined up some mini-skeins of fingering weight wool.

Such fun! First three pictures show set up. One skein was already dyed in strawberry kool-aid. I re-dyed parts of it with burgundy. The rest of the yarn was undyed.

I did one in green, well, I thought I did one. Found out I did two, so I got to play with the second one, adding a second color to it by putting just part of the skein into the dye bath & nuking for 2 minutes.

Did one in solid golden yellow, to go with the solid green for an upcoming Oz swap.

Then I made a mistake .... I asked my husband to help me pick out combinations. He has a good eye for color. The mistake? I didn't tell him I only wanted *2* colors per combination. He, of course, promptly picked out *3*. ::sigh::

So .... I have a skein with teal, kelly green & royal blue. I have a skein with kelly green, leaf green and teal. And I have a skein with orange, golden yellow and lemon yellow. Whew!

But then ...... I took a deep breath & the skein I had dyed in green & yellow ..... and I dipped just the end of the yellow into the orange & nuked it. Then I dipped just the end of the green into a deeper green & nuked it. Now I have a skein with variegated greens & yellow/orange!

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