Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ghost Knitters in the Sky ...

A parody of 'Ghost Riders', this was written by MMario .... it had me in fits of giggles!

Ghost Knitters in the Sky

Some fiber folk went out to KIP one bright and sunny day
Upon a bench they rested nearby a public way
When all at once there gathered there in just a little bit
A crowd of nosy tourists to watch the crafters knit!

Yippie yi yayyyyyyy Yippie yi yiiiiiiiiy
Ghost Knitters in the sky

The needles were on fire and the yarn it shone like steel
As yard by yard of knitting began to fast unreel
A bolt of fear ran through the crowd as the row it neared the end
But the needles were reverse -ed, and the rows began again!

Their faces gaunt, their eyes have blurred,
their shirts are soaked with sweat...
They're knitting hard to finish soon, but they ain't finished yet
'Cause they've got to knit forever on that bench out by the road
With their navoho plied bison yarn that they hand dyed with woad

I hope to have this and some other parodies in mp3 format sometime "soon".


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