Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crocheted Miser Purse

This was a test knit for the HolidayMysteryGifts group.
The 1st picture is the front of the bag.
The 2nd picture is the back of the bag with the chains between the bag & the ring. The pattern calls for a 1" bone ring, which I didn't have. So I crocheted around a small metal memory-ring intended for use as a hoop earring instead.
The 3rd picture is back of the bag with the flap finished. The chains, which you must crochet between, is tucked behind the back piece in this picture to show the flap clearly.
The 4th picture is the back piece showing the flap and the chains.
The 5th picture is the finished bag.
The 6th picture is the finished bag with a lining of white felt (I intend this to be used for small objects that might catch on the stitches, so wanted to protect the bag).
The 7th picture shows the bag with this interesting spiral piece I spotted just after I'd started the scan on picture #6. I decided it was perfect to set off the bag, as the person receiving is my partner in a Harry Potter-based swap & she belongs to the House of Ravenclaw. Which was why I chose the blue thread with white lining to start with.

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Marji said...

Did you have many problems with the pattern? Your little bag looks so perfect. Please let me know if you have any advice on how I wrote this up. I love the pictures.