Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sites of Interest

Oh, my, how time does get away from one! Especially when you are so busy!

While classes themselves are very interesting (although the homework doesn't leave one a great deal of time!), the knitting club I joined is also interesting and taking up a great deal of what little free time I have. We are creating socks. I never realized there were so many different patterns to use!!

Some of the other students have shared places for some of their favorite pastimes as well. I am finding myself wishing for at least 30 hours in a day! Or one of those time charms Hermione used to attend double classes. Anyhow, here are three of my favorite new sites: - you'll find help with making your own 'dragon eggs', with display stands and transport boxes, plus other fun projects. While we can't have real dragon eggs, we can have some very realistic ones.
- make your own miniature books, and paper, and study your notes anywhere without having to explain why your school books look so different from theirs! - create your own dragon! as well as an adorable bat.
Most of us have owls, but, well, bats can be really cute!
Well, I really must get back to those socks ... the next meeting is tomorrow night and I've barely had time to start the cuffs!

Lady Felula

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