Sunday, June 15, 2008


I guess the Whomping Willow knew what it was doing when it tagged me 'forgetful'. I keep forgetting I'm supposed to come post here.........

::brightens:: The new HP sock swap will start signups on the 16th of July. YAH!!! I've already got things for my swap .... a cool box covered with copies of a map of England (where else???), needles on order, and a few goodies.

AND ..... Cassandra is staying with us! YES!!! We nearly lost her because of the actions of others, but I guess enough of us asked her to stay that she reconsidered her decision. Can you tell I'm glad?

I've finished several pairs of socks .... oh, my, gecko eyes, Firestarter (from Yarnissima's site), a pretty plain ribbed pair for my youngest son, a couple of fairly plain pairs for myself (I'm moving on to more complicated patterns ). Working on Dragon's Breath for my son and Bayerische for myself (find both patterns on Well, at least I've started hunting for the yarn for the Bayerische pattern. It's nearly a hundred stitches cast on (VERY textured cable & twisted stitches .... should keep my mind occupied!) and needs a thinner than usual sock yarn. I've actually got some in the right weight .... but this pattern really needs a solid yarn to show off that wonderful textural pattern and all I've got right now in that weight is a beautiful variegated. Unfortunately, the two will just clash and that won't do at all. Simply forces me to go shopping .... terrible, ya know? ::snickers::

Also have another grandchild on the way, so bootees and blankets are being created. If only I could manage to get that spell for automatic hand knitting down right!

Well, need to go work on either one of the knitting projects or that huge pile of sewing projects .... just as soon as I manage another cup of tea. :)

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