Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Reducio swap received!!!

My very first swap in the Reducio Mini Sock Swap on Ravelry came in today!!! I'm SO wound up over this, it's ridiculous!!! This has been a *great* swap - if you like knitting, come join us and try miniature knitting!!

The swap theme this time was Herbology .... so the swap had to include at least one item that was Herbology-themed and a mini sock in the House colors of the person you were mailing to. This swap is a 'blind swap' .... you know who you are mailing to, but not who is mailing to you.

Well, I got so lucky!!! My 'receive from' partner lives in England .... where Twinnings Tea is made! Oh, so lucky! I got five, count 'em, FIVE!, different Twinnings Teas! I am currently sipping on my Christmas Tea, and later I'll drink the Herbal Revival (cherries & Madagascar cinnamon, what more can you ask for?!). My daughter will probably steal the English Breakfast teas (her favorite) and we'll fight over the English Afternoon tea. ::grins::

Cattiekins found, and subdued!, a piece of Devil's Snare, then managed to put it on a trellis so it can't escape and sent it to me to mark my place in my Harry Potter books. Also, a pygmy puff .... the little darling can watch out to make sure that Devil's Snare doesn't work its way off the trellis!

My sock? It's in Gryffindor colors, of course!, and I am pretty sure she used perle cotton and size 0 needles to knit it! It's on a keychain, so guess where it's going as soon as I'm done posting? Then there are TWO mini-skeins of Sunshine yarn .... Dumbledore and Phoenix. I love both Dumbledore and Fawkes, so these yarns are really something special for me! I happen to have the Fawkes Mini Sock pattern, so tonight I'll take a break from everything else I'm doing & knit up a mini sock. Not quite sure, yet, what pattern I'll use the Dumbledore yarn for, tho.

Then there's a notebook, with a matching patch!, for taking notes (well, duh! ::grins::) .... the notebook is going in my purse. Not quite sure, yet, what to do about the patch ..... .I think I'm just going to have to make myself another purse to put it on so I can show it off!

Oh, they've gotta post soon for the next term ..... because I am SO going to be part of it again!!!

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