Wednesday, May 6, 2009

OWL sock supplies

Okay .... I've lost my mind. Totally. I've signed up to do 3 pairs of socks for my OWL in HPKCHC. One of them isn't too bad, except that I'm not real familiar with the cross stitches used to make the pattern. I don't think they'll be too hard to do. I hope. That's the red & gold yarn.

The second pair will be out of my head - based on Ron's dress robes. That's the black & ivory yarn.

It's the last pair that's likely to drive me to ....... something. There's this really cool pattern over on that is meant for a sweater. It's called Hermione's Fair Isle Sweater. I'm going to attempt to make socks using an extended version of that pattern. That's the last set of four colors. The blue/green yarn will be the basic sock. The cream, silver and red will create the pattern. I hope.

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