Saturday, May 2, 2009

Harry Potter Knitting/Crocheting House Cup

Whew! What a mouthful for this newest swap thread I've joined! And ::thoughtfully:: I think I actually left a word out .......... nope, used Hogwarts instead of Harry Potter, which was why it didn't look quite right.

:::dusts off corrected title:::
Yep, looks better now .......

Okay .... am currently joining 2 classes ... DADA, making socks for myself and Muggles Studies, making the Rivendell socks my daughter wants.

My own socks will be done in a random ribbing pattern using size 1 needles. This is a favorite of mine. There is no pattern, as you make up your own ribbing pattern on the first row. This makes every sock unique, and less boring to knit. The only rule here is that you cannot use more than 3 knit or purl stitches in a row .... after all you are doing ribbing, not stockinette stitch here. I'll use fingering weight yarn from my stash, but since I got this in a trade for stitch markers, all I know is that it's superwash. I've no idea what manufacturer or a name for the colorway. It does have my Gryff colors in it, but it also includes Ravenclaw colors. Unfortunately, there is no black nor does it have Slytherin green in it. But it's soft & warm, and that works for me. The yarn for my socks is the bottom picture. (Hey, I put it in first ... who knew it wouldn't *stay* first? ::sighs::)

For my daughter, I'll be using Pixie Dust, from KnitPick's Imagination line, and size 1 needles again. The pattern is Rivendell, named for the great Elven halls in LoTR, probably my daughter's favorite movie(s) ever. Once they are finished, I'm not sure if they will ever leave her feet ....... they may need to get washed daily in her shower! ::laughs::

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