Thursday, October 29, 2009

My new yarn swift

These are pictures of my new hand-crafted yarn swift. It was so much easier to ball that yarn off the swift than off a chair back (or my poor husband's hands!!)

The swift was crafted of figured Australian cypress. I love this wood! Found 2 planks of it purely by accident several years ago & have saved them ever since for that 'something really special' project.

::sigh:: Well, I used the longer plank for the swift ... and what a poor choice it was! Not that the wood wasn't lovely! It was!!! And so is the swift ...... but ....... this project really needs a wood with a very tight, straight grain. Even pine would be a better choice than the highly figured wood I used. And I could have used a piece of walnut - my husband offered me the choice. Wish now that I had taken him up on it - that would have been a far better choice of wood.

Anyhow, it does work. Just fine, thankyouverymuch. LOL

The base is an inexpensive lazy susan we picked up at a yard sale - I think we paid like maybe a quarter? a dime? Not much, that's for sure. I cut a piece of wood to fit inside the lip, then painted & stenciled it. The stenciling doesn't show up real well, but it is a maple leaf, an oak leaf & acorns, all accented with antique copper paint. The outer design is freehand - I just wanted to be able to see the edge of the base as the swift turns.


knitstiks said...

That is beautiful! You shouldn't sell yourself short.

Chief Executive Babe said...

This is beautiful! You are so talented :-)

Socalknitgirl on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, I think the wood is lovely. I much prefer highly grained wood to pine.

Kate said...

This really is very nice!

Anonymous said...

i think it is beautiful, what great talent you have.
Meagheen on Ravelry

aparna said...

lovely swift... and such a great finish... master craftsmanship