Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wee Tiny Sock Swap, October

I received the most wonderful package from my October partner for the Wee Tiny Sock Swap on Ravelry.

The swap package contents are displayed in front of the Welcome sign I just finished, down in the wood shop.

There are TWO tiny socks, one in Halloween colors, the other is pink with the ribbon for Cancer Awareness month. TWO post-it notebooks, one with a mum on it, the other for Cancer Awareness month (this one with its own pen, even!). Handcrafted soap. Sitting on the soap is a very special stitch marker, filled, I'm told, with 'magic glitter' that ensures I will never again have a dropped stitch. Guess I'm not using it correctly, because I've dropped several stitches since I got it ::looks sad:: There are also 2 sets of stitch markers - both very pretty but I'm told the pumpkins are my partner's very first attempt at polymer clay .... and they came out just awesome!

Then there's the teeny pumpkin candle (it uses tea lites which can be changed out!). She rounded out (pun intended! LOL) the box with a round tin of raspberry tea bags, a skein of yarn (love the colors in it!) and some round pumpkin buttons.

Thanks so much for a great swap!

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