Friday, March 13, 2009

New sock yarn!

This is some of the prettiest hand-painted yarn for a Gryffindor that I've seen. When the first ball came in, my husband watched me fondling and drooling over it (it was ordered for HSS 5) and he went and ordered the other ball of it for me!!

My daughter's first comment when she saw it? "Mom, it looks like a Phoenix! The black is the ash, the rest is the bird." Can we say "Hello, Fawkes"?

The yarn is from Sheepish, on Etsy. If you haven't yet checked out Etsy, you really should. The place is an online bazaar of nearly anything you can think of that can be hand-crafted. I'll be opening my own Etsy store soon. Among other things, I'll be selling my own hand-crafted stitch markers, including some crafted in the Hogwarts House colors, and House Nutz in each House's accent color.

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Anonymous said...

Love that Etsy! Grandma