Friday, March 13, 2009

Tea Time!

Here's the picture of my original cup of tea. I think I used too much loose tea due to inexperience with making tea in this fashion. However, in spite of the chaos in the cup, there does appear to be a squarish clump of leaves towards the top. If the tea cup were oriented properly, this shape would be close to the 6 months in the future area.

Our latest assignment for Divination reads: knit, crochet, or craft any sort of item in any medium that has to do with the placement of the symbols in your cup, when will things happen in other words.

So .... it's Tea Time, Professor Pren! ::grins:: Based (loosely) on the clock Mrs. Weasley uses to keep track of her family, my clock is used for deciding where in the lifeline the actions/situations take place.

The clock was crafted with play clay that I made myself this morning. I had some fun creating the 'vine' that winds around the outer edge ... the play clay didn't want to stay together. Then I needed to persuade it to stay together in even smaller 'snakes' to create the lettering. I finally figured out what to do, tho ... I just threatened to send it to my Professor. ::chortles::

You'll notice that, since the assignment is due in the present (or extremely near future, in just over 24 hours), the leaf pointer in the center is pointing to NOW. Or perhaps it is referring to the fact that I am posting this now ....

Gee, I'll have to study that cup a bit closer, I guess .........

:::wandering off to find my tea-leaf reading glasses:::

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