Friday, March 13, 2009

Some recent knitting .....

The black and white pair is for a child and will be donated, along with some bootees and baby sets, to various charities. I've got the yarn to make quite a few more pairs as well. I'll try to post pictures as I finish a few pairs.

I took a picture of the bootees I still have here, and it came out so badly you can't make out the bootees. I'll have to try again.

The Rainbow socks were done for my sister. They are (finally!!) done. The pattern is a free Ravelry download. If you don't belong to Ravelry, and you knit or crochet, you should really check it out. The library of patterns alone is well worth the time it takes to join.

1 comment:

Katt's Sister said...

THose are pretty awesome socks!! I am willing to bet your Sister is looking forward to having them.. and wearing them.. oh yes and bragging about them LOL

By the way.. this is your Sister!! Love 'ya Sis!!