Monday, April 13, 2009

The final Duel

This isn't a very good picture of the hat I made for the final duel this term. Unfortunately, it was raining that day, so I had to take the picture inside so I could mail the hat out on Monday.

I used a green shaded yarn for the top (Camouflage by Red Heart) and a shaded blue (Blueberry, again Red Heart) for the bottom section. So ... it's a Bluebell with an attitude! ::grins:: The hat is sitting on a table my husband made make in High School Workshop class. It's 8' long made of 3" thick pine. I love it. He's going to re-finish it, tho. It is showing its age. I want it stained in a nice mid-range cherry this time instead of the varnish he used last time, which has yellowed over the years.

In the back you can see part of the 50 gallon aquarium that my bearded dragons live in. You can also see a castle that I painted from 'green ware' (which means a ceramic that hasn't yet been turned into actual ceramic). I'm going to find a new home for them, tho, so they won't be here much longer. We are having problems affording the crickets they need each month, so since I don't think you should keep pets you can't afford to keep properly, I'll be looking for a new home for them. The castle is staying, tho, as it doesn't require food, just a safe place to keep the cats and kids from breaking it.

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