Saturday, April 4, 2009

My HLBOE 1st term box arrived!!

My Hogwarts Little Bit of Everything Swap, 1st term, box arrived today!!

My spoiler, Msrib, sent me a witches hat!! It's so cool. I am donating most of the hats I've accumulated during the Dueling swaps to S.P.E.W., and had intended to include the hat from this part of the swap as well. Ain't gonna happen, folks! Even if S.P.E.W. could find a use for a witches hat (which I don't think they could ::grins::), this hat's a keeper! It's got a beautiful red & gold cord wrapped around the hat and knotted in back, with the ends hanging down. And it fits me just right!

There were 2 Ghiredelli candy bars as well, but I'm afraid those didn't make it to the photo shoot LOL DH got the intense dark chocolate and the milk chocolate just kept calling my name!

I got 2 tins of body butter (cranberry & vanilla), a dreamy raspberry candle, 3 50-gram skeins of fingering weight sock yarn from Knitpicks, a nifty little card to check my needle & hook sizes as well as my gauge, a box with 2 sample size bags of coffee (which my husband promptly confiscated - he's the coffee drinker, I drink tea), as well as a chocolate 'tarheel' (which I'm keeping - only fair as he got the coffee!) and a really cool bag of pasta .... it's blue & white and shaped like the symbol for the University of North Carolina! I can't wait to see the kids' faces when we fix that one for supper!

And I've got my very own time-turner!!! It's is *so* cool. The little hourglass in the center actually works! It's a replica of the one Hermione wore. And there was a little box of 8 neat stickers from the movies in the box as well. Now I'm hoping it actually works! ::giggles::

I want to thank my spoiler again for a really wonderful box of surprises.

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Astrid said...

YAY YAY YAY! I;m so glad that you like everything!!