Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ornaments 2

These are the last 2 pieces in my ornament swap ... altho one isn't, technically, an ornament.... still, it will adorn any book it is used in. :)

Then there's the little owl bookmark ... again, this is supposed to be a scroll saw pattern done in veneer (1/32" thick wood), like the ornaments ...... and nearly all curves. I added the yellow stock behind the gray so the eyes & beak would stand out.

And the last one ..... a tiny dried gourd (I purchased seeds from the Baker Creek Heritage Seed Co, which is near us here in Missouri, over in Mansfield, so I can grow some of these myself next year.) The gourd is painted in ultramarine blue acrylic, then over-painted with a glitter glue. Then the snowflake was glued on (monkey glue, again!) - the snowflake is a 3D scrapbook accessory.

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