Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Apparation class assignment

Our assignment this time is to create a bookmark. Since I already had my black crochet thread & my hook out to complete 3 black cats to finish off some packages I need to mail out tomorrow, I just grabbed some red & yellow crochet thread and created this.

I *nearly* started with the yellow thread ... until I realized that if I did, I'd create a cat, in the Gryffindor colors, with a yellow stripe down its back! Um.... I don't think so, folks! ::grins:: We aren't in Oz here, the buildings aren't green, there ain't no wizard behind the curtain ........ and cowardly lions aren't found in Hogwarts!


Pren said...

oh wow that came out so cute. how long is it and did you get the pattern off ravelry? im going to try to knit my book mark. try i say. hahaha wish me luck!

Pren said...

grrrr. i hate how blogger wont let you sign up to recieve comments if you are just logging sorry for the waste of space here but i need to do the "email follow up comments" now