Saturday, February 7, 2009

Charms assignment

Our Charms assignment is to finish up at least one project that we've either started or put off. This one's been put off, and I have to finish this week as the mail out date is Feb. 16. It's one of 3 fabric postcards I'm making for a swap on another e-list I'm on.

Finished. I embroidered the noses, the eyes, the bows on the gold kitties, the ears and the facial accent lines. I only show 1 gold kitty due to space, but I did make 2 of them.

While I understand that, because these meet (or will once they are glued to a backing) the measurement requirements of the U.S.P.S., I could mail them as actual postcards. Since I don't trust the equipment used for sorting mail not to catch on the fabric or the embroidery, mine will go into envelopes tomorrow after they've dried overnight on bristol board.

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