Saturday, February 21, 2009

My private broom .....

Our latest assignment for Madam Jak is to describe what we would like for our own private broom.

My private broom, like my Quiddith team broom, would be made of Australian Curly Cypress. I have two pieces of this in my private wood stash - unfortunately they are flat pieces, not suitable for a broom. But the soft honey color and the beautiful curly grain in the deeper honey tones make this one of the most beautiful woods I have ever seen. The wood needs no more than an oil finish to look as magical as a 'real' broom might.

I would magically manipulate the wood's own natural growth patterns and twine the resulting branches into a comfortable seat and back rest, since I require both to be able to sit for long periods. The seat and back rest would also help my riding abilities and equilibrium as it would enhance my balance.

The same process would be used to create a platform area behind the rider where either another rider or 'packages' could be accommodated. The platform would be magicked to hold whatever was placed on it firmly in place to avoid accidents.

Like the Quidditch brooms, my own broom would be magicked to control weather in its immediate vicinity to help keep me warm and dry during rainstorms or snowfall or other inclement weather and to keep me from overheating during hot weather. It would be custom-crafted to me so as to enhance my equilibrium, balance and riding abilities as much as possible. It would also, like the Quidditch brooms, be spelled to respond to magick being used against the broom or rider by flashing of the twigs. Such flashing would not stop until the magick was no longer be used against the broom or rider.

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