Monday, January 12, 2009

Flat cats...........

Well, the latest assignment for Magical Creatures is to create a cat. Since we are already owned by nine of the creatures around here, when I sat down to craft the spell I kept muttering 'no more fat cats' ........ meaning that this time, the cat was going to need to be useful. Love our cats .... but .... enough is enough, you know?

By the way, 4 of them are kittens, 1 of those a rescue who was left outdoors when her previous owners couldn't take her with them ..... I won't comment, because it would only get me in trouble with someone ....... Cuddles is a sweet, lovable marmalade ..... that makes 3 orange marmalades here ...... and 2 of them own me!!

About an hour later, some very upset owls descended upon me with a ..... flat cat. And a *lot* of dire mutterings about what was going to happen if they found any flat *owls* in the Owlery (which is where they found the flat cat).

I can only presume that while muttering to myself, I somehow stumbled over my words just as the spell took effect ........ I promptly checked all the felines belonging to this house and they are all well, safe and ...... fat. So I'm not quite sure where this one came from. But I know where he's going ... right on the table to keep hot things safely away from the table surface.

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