Thursday, January 15, 2009


The latest assignment for our Flying class is a snitch. Mine was created from acrylic yarn for the snitch body and a specialty yarn for the wings. The wing yarn is 3 ply ... 1 ply is a very thin, flat ribbon of opalescent acrylic for sparkle, 1 ply alternates thin spaces of about 1" with thicker areas, also about 1" long, and the 3rd ply is a boucle with some mohair in it to make the whole thing fuzzy. *SO* much fun to knit this on size 1 needles, because of course the thicker areas of the yarn nearly always managed to show up when the pattern called for knit 2 together ... and both of *those* stitches also had the thicker yarn. Naturally.

We also needed to add our own touch to the snitch. See those orange lines radiating back? It's the snitch overheating. Darned thing didn't want to stay still long enough to gets its picture taken, which is why the picture isn't the greatest quality. But then, neither is my scanner.

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Lisa's Lair said...

I love this little cutie!!