Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our new puppy

Our newest orphan. Our 14 yo grandson rescued her from an imminent car accident ... the car was a lot bigger than she is! (BTW, daughter thought Scruffy was a boy ... um.... no, she's a little girl!) And she already knows how to use those darling eyes to get her own way, too. The 6 yo grandson looked at her last night (she wanted to be picked up & I was busy) and said 'Nana, Scruffy is sad.' ::grins:: No, Scruffy just wanted to be picked up! Her markings are so pretty.

:::rolling on floor laughing::: When we got the collar last night, we hadn't checked gender for ourselves, so we got a 'little boy' collar. I just told the husband that the next collar (this one won't fit for long) will be a pretty one, with rhinestones on it. ::giggles:: So he started singing 'It's a rhinestone puppy' Too cute!!