Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Tea Party

Divination homework included creating a tea cup and something else that was a part of the Tea Reading ceremony. The assignment did not say that we had to create the second item at this time, so I'm hoping my teapot will be acceptable. I used to do greenware when we lived in Florida. I've got 2 teapots that are hand-painted - the other one looks like a basket of fruit. I've never seen another teapot like this one, tho. The owner of the store where I used to go often made her own pieces from molds, so this may be one of those pieces.

BTW, the top of the teapot has a big black spider holding it in place. NOT my daughter's favorite thing!!

The teacup was crocheted using acrylic yarn in a sunset colorway, perfect for a Gryffindor. I made it more functional by tucking a clean empty tuna fish can into the bottom.

Still have to do the actual tea reading. Will use the Witches tea pot to brew the tea in .... but I don't think my tea cup will do for the reading itself! It is, however, making itself useful in my craft room, holding small items so I may be able to find them again. Of course, I have to remember where I put them, first!

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Lisa's Lair said...

I LOVE this! Your work is always brilliant. You would definately pass your OWLS if you were my student!!!!